To be able to score points people must become members of Ballina Triathlon Club. The foremost objective of our Points scoring initiative is to encourage people to join Ballina Triathlon Club and participate in Ballina Triathlon Club Aquathlons, Duathlons and Triathlons (PLEASE NOTE: People who come along to Friday Aquathlons who are not members will not be awarded points but will still be timed as per club races).

A further objective is to encourage participation and representation in other Triathlon events as a Ballina Triathlon Club member. We have tried to reflect this in our points scoring.

To score points for externally run Triathlons members need to email us their event details and result eg.

Here is a brief explanation of the points being awarded and why:

  • Club Kit – The longer the race the longer your Club kit is on display so the more points you get for wearing it.
  • Participation – We have awarded equal scores for participating and finishing in same distance Triathlons be they Club races or externally run races so club racing has the same value in terms of points. Although half and full distance events still attract more points as they are harder to train and compete in (Arguably! But you get the idea).
  • Finishing – We believe if you finish a longer distance Triathlon you should be rewarded with more points.
  • Place Points – Place points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall in club races are awarded (Sprint and Club distances only). In external Triathlons points are awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each age group. No “Place points” for swim/runs as it’s all about fun at these events.
  • Personal Bests – It’s up to members to provide evidence of PB’s. We will be timing everything the club is running but please tell us in person, via e-mail or whatever if you think you had a PB. For PB’s in externally run races you need to send 2 screen shots of the 2 results eg. Kingy Sprint results from last year and this year (and a photo of you in club kit if you want those points to secretary@ballinatri.com .

The winning categories are as follows:

Club Person of the Year – Points totals for Club Kit, Participation in club events, helping at club events,

Athlete of the Season – Participation across all events and place points

Club Racer of the Year – BTC events Participation and Place points 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall. (i.e. Not in every age group)

Distance Champions – Participation and Place points for each distance.

Please note: We reserve the right to make changes but will tell you if we do so. Also, It’s the first time we are trying the “Points score” so we appreciate your patience. We are trying to make it fun but also competitive and the winning categories are supposed to reflect not just our Winners and placers but also Participation etc.

Please e-mail us with any questions.